Important decisions in the field of alternative energy
Clean energy is key to health and prosperity of the nation
Wind power is roughly developing branch in the world
Возобновляемый ресурс энергии по человеческим масштабам являются неисчерпаемым.
The technical potential of wind energy in Kazakhstan 900 billion kW ⋅ h / year.

Why wind energy?

Today more than ever relevant environmental issues. The most main are: maintaining the diversity of wildlife, natural resources, reducing pollution of the biosphere.

How does it work?

All wind farms operate on the same principle


In 2009 Kazakhstan ratified the Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention of the UN on climate change and in 2010 assumed liabilities till 2020 to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 15% of level of 1992.


Use of a renewable, inexhaustible power source, economy on fuel, on process of its production and transportation;


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