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Almaty region on energy supply is short supply, and in the region Taldykorgan share of regional sources of electricity is less than 30 % of the total power consumption. In the region overall energy deficit amounted to about 700 MW, Taldykorgan energy system over the past three years has averaged 500 kWh / year. According to the forecast shortage of electricity in 2010 will be more than 730 kWh / year. In order to reduce the existing energy shortage Almaty, Almaty region and southern regions of Kazakhstan in the framework of "NC"SEC" Zhetysu" initiated a number of projects for the construction and reconstruction of power generation as well as small hydro, wind power . Technically possible to use hydro Kazakhstan is 62 billion kWh , economic - 27 billion kWh , of which today use more than 8 billion kWh per year. In Almaty region concentrated 65 % of the reserves of hydropower resources of the Mountain Rivers of Kazakhstan. According to estimates of the Institute "Kazgidro" defined areas of Mountain Rivers and hydro where possible construction of hydroelectric power plants.

Besides , Almaty region has the most unique in the world of the potential wind farm construction sites . This Dzungarian Gates and Shelekcorridor . So, in Jungar Gates : average wind speed at 50 m - 9.7 m / s , the flux density - 1050 W/m2 , the number of hours with a full load of VES - 4400 h / ​​year . Accordingly, Shelekcorridor : the average annual wind speed at 50 m - 7.8 m / s , the flux density - 310 W/m2 , the number of full-time WEC - 3100 h / ​​year . It is generally accepted that Dzungarian Gates on wind characteristics are the most promising area of construction of wind farms in the world. Free space on the gate will allow Djungar develop a total capacity of 1,000 MW windfarm.

At present, the production technology of wind generators allows to build WPP at competitive prices in comparison with traditional sources, receiving thus rather qualitative product – the electric energy conforming in parameters to all standards which can be technically accepted by regional and national network operators. The main advantage of WPP is independence of the cost of traditional power fuel, the ecological purity, competitive cost of energy, high speed of construction of WPP. It is expected that building of new generating objects including small hydroelectric power stations and the wind power plants (WPP) of Almaty area substantially will cover existing power deficiency of the region. For implementation of this program of «Samruk-GreenEnergy» LLP and JSC " NC "SEC" Zhetisu" JSC created «Energiya-Semirechya» LLP subsidiary which deals with all issues connected with wind power.